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New Siriusmo LP Coming Soon?

New Siriusmo LP Coming Soon?

Last year saw the something special titans Modeselektor and Siriusmo announced the formation of supergroup Sirismodeselektor. The group toured around the world playing the finest festivals throughout the year, ending with shows at the monumental 50 Weapons Finale show. I was lucky enough to catch this both Glastonbury and Warehouse project at the bookends of their tour and with it, their set rise to new levels.

I asked Modeselektor (who are exceptional with their fans) if we could expect any upcoming releases as Sirismodeselektor. Unfortunately, I suspect we will have to wait a while as they said Surismo himself was gearing up for a new LP, presumably on Monkeytown Records. So I’ll sit here waiting for my next instalment of genius which, to fill a void left unfilled since 2013!

Siriusmo has been one of my favourite producers for years, regularly pumping out his selected style of funky disco at parties to unsuspecting people. However seeing him play out his tunes in person is a rare sight indeed. For he is a producer first, rarely wanting to showcase his talents to a live audience. I, however, don’t see why the man is a genius when is comes to uptempo dance floor fillers.


“Just on extremely rare occasions can Moritz be seen on stage (children’s birthday parties or other family get-togethers) – and even then his mood is rather shitty due to his bad taking of criticism.??” Clockenflap, 2016


Siriusmo aka Moritz Friedrich has a discography spanning over a decade in a rich array of genres – from dubstep to hip-hop, disco to house, electro to experimental. In the dance world where 12 –inch EP releases seem to rule the roost, he has stood out always sticking to releasing LPs, prioritising quality over quantity. One album Pearls & Embarrassments: 2000-2010’ is an amalgamation of all the unreleased material produced by the unique Berlin producer.


Siriusmo offers a single quote, which may go some way to describing his strange relationship with music “On each record, there is one song that I still like, the rest – unfortunately – is shit.”

There are few instances of his so-called ’embarrassments’, but the vast majority of songs are exceptional. I suggest anyone looking to dip into Siriusmo for the first time to buy this album.

Let the Siriusmo addiction begin.