2B – Human Shazam

2B – Human Shazam

Reading through my Twitter feed, packed to the rafters of music blogs and shit jokes, a story jumped out at me. Someone has commissioned a game show based around the popular music identification app Shazam. The show commissioned by Fox named ‘Beat Shazam’ (simple yet to the point) will pit contestants against one another to “name that tune.” Winners will then go on to face the mighty app in a fight to the death (or another “name that tune” challenge).

Upon hearing this news, I couldn’t hide my excitement, finally a chance to put my, up until this point, worthless song identification skills into practice. I felt slightly dejected reading on to find that the show would be in America, however, this is only a small hurdle on the long road to world tune id dominance! For I know longer would be acclaimed by mates who regularly ask me what a tune is a few pills deep chatting breeze on a dance floor. For I could now show my pointless talent to the world. How do I apply for this show? Should I start a go fund me page? I feel this is as worthy a cause as any I’ve seen…..

I rarely brag, but my party trick is guessing almost all songs within seven secs of them starting, mind you that only from a collection of 20,000 songs, which of course are my own. I’m going to struggle on modern pop records. I haven’t paid much attention to pop after I left secondary school. Only recently keeping abreast as people play the same songs over and over again at house parties. But either way…… watch this space for 2B 2017 Shazam champion of the world (USA)





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