Album Review – Beaty Heart

Album Review – Beaty Heart

Beaty Heart have elevated themselves with their second album ‘Till the Tomb’ a seductive electronic and funky take on indie. South London trio have produced texture-laden of electro-pop album befitting regular radio play (during the limited summer months Britain has to offer).

Beaty Heart’s sound has significantly evolved from the self-proclaimed muddled of early years, jumbled afro-pop- inspired psychedelia has been refined with smart layering of enslaving riffs and catchy samples.

Glorious energetic opener “Flora” highlights the bands’ new accessible feel while maintaining quirky identity. “Glazed”, a song fitting of a romantic dream sequence scene felicitous in its delicate falsetto and smothering of r&b style finger snaps.

From humble beginning’s in Tonbridge Wells, childhood friends Charlie, James and Josh ventured to South London amalgamating into artist collective, over years experimenting with many creative exploits before finding their identity as Beaty Heart.

On the back of supporting Jungle on there worldwide tour, it is evident ‘Till the Tomb’ shows influence from the Mercury nominees clean, funky ways. The Album evokes a sense of festivals fields sound-tracked by Glass Animals, Foals, Hot Chip etc.

Not a rare sound, with occasional dips into shallow pop, Beaty Heart have succeeded in producing an ambitious album, which through seductive electric samples and rhythms continues to suck you in with their trademark weirdness.



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